How to Adjust Rain Bird Sprinklers

If we’re talking about outside sprinkler systems, the Rain Bird brand comes to mind. It’s because the Rain Bird is one of the most common and most trusted sprinkler systems used in the United States. Using one adequately sprinkles your yard with water. However, adjustments are needed if there are areas that the sprinkler cannot reach or always soaked by the sprinkler. And so, how do you adjust the Rain Bird’s sprinkler head? Here’s how to do it:

Adjust the sprinkler head’s spraying direction

If you think that the sprinkler head doesn’t cover a particular direction, then begin by setting the fixed left head, which is the starting point of rotation of the sprinkler. Do so by rotating the rotor head to the right until it stops, then twist it back to the left until it also stops. After doing this, proceed to line up the left edge to the desired position by rotating the rotor case with a wrench. This method works for Rain Bird 2SA, 42SA, 42SA+, and 52SA Series.

For other Rain Bird sprinklers, you can just rotate the head by hand. To do so, you need to hold the spray head using two of your fingers and twist it, to adjust the watering direction to your desired position.

Adjusting the sprinkler head’s spraying distance

Using this method, you can reduce the water spraying distance up to 25% of the general spraying distance of Rain Bird sprinklers, which is 19 to 32 feet. To do so, begin by either turning off the water (to do this task easier), or you can leave the water on (to see whether the desired distance is achieved. Using a flathead screwdriver, rotate the screw clockwise to reduce the spraying distance. 

Keep in mind that the screw must not be tightened that it goes deep in the head. Keeping it tight at the level of the spray nozzle is enough. 

Adjusting the sprinkler head’s spraying pattern

If you have an 18/15/12 AP series sprinkler, then its sprinkling pattern is adjustable! You can adjust it by twisting the sprinkler’s collar to the right if you want it to just cover a portion of your garden, or to the left to completely cover the yard. By that, it means that the pattern can be adjusted from 0-360 degrees, depending on your preferences.

If you have a 2SA, 42SA, 42SA+, or 52SA series, there should be an adjustable tab where you can insert a flat head screwdriver. Rotate clockwise (towards the plus sign) to increase the spraying arc pattern and counterclockwise (towards the minus sign) to decrease it instead. 

Change the rotor nozzle

You can change the nozzle if you are unsatisfied with the spraying distance, direction, or pattern. You can also replace it if it doesn’t work anymore. To do so, begin by shutting off the sprinkler. Then, using a pliers, proceed to remove the old nozzle by rotating it in a counterclockwise direction. Following that, remove the filter in the sprinkler. You can clean it or replace it if it’s old or damaged. Lastly, place in the newly cleaned filter or its replacement, then screw the new nozzle into place with pliers.

That’s how you adjust Rain Bird sprinklers! Hopefully, these tips have helped you do it without problems. If it helped you, then please don’t hesitate to share it with others!